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Circuit Breaker Repair Services
Recondition • Remanufacture • Upgrade
Life Extension • Retrofit • Retrofill
Also Servicing Switchgear • Unit Substations
And Other Electrical Equipment


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Repair, Upgrade & Life Extension Services

tech-5As circuit breaker repair experts, we provide both shop services and on-site emergency service for all types and makes of low and medium voltage power circuit breakers and other electrical equipment.

CBS Nuclear Services provides shop and on-site field service at nuclear power plants across the U.S. with our portable field service trailers. Click here for more about our services for Class 1E safety-related low and medium voltage switchgear and circuit breakers.

We also service non-nuclear related circuit breakers and other electrical equipment. Click here for information about shop services, including repair, upgrade, remanufacturing and life extension services.

For information about on-site emergency service, click here. 


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