Low-Voltage Power Circuit Breakers

Repair and Life Extension Services for Low-Voltage Circuit Breakers

We have the skilled technicians, engineers, and modern shop equipment, along with instrumentation, test equipment and replacement parts to professionally repair all types and makes of low-voltage power circuit breakers.

But our real expertise lies in using new technology together with our retrofit and retrofill life extension programs to extend the life of your obsolete breakers.

Solid-State Trip Unit Retrofit

Let us retrofit your low voltage power circuit breakers with solid-state trip units. Upgrading to these modern solid-state trip devices or replacing older style electronic trip units with them will reduce maintenance, increase reliability, reduce nuisance trips, and extend the functionality of older circuit breakers. Advanced power management features are also available.

Retrofill/Replace Obsolete Breaker Using Existing Switchgear Structure

In many situations we can retrofill – replace your obsolete low-voltage power circuit breaker with a modern insulated case circuit breaker that has a higher interrupting duty and modern electronics.  We utilize a cradle/drawout assembly that allows you to continue to use the same switchgear structure.  All this can be done economically and with minimal downtime.

Retrofill-Replace Air Circuit Breaker Used in Motor Starting with Vacuum Contactor

If you’re currently using an air power circuit breaker for your low-voltage motor starting applications, it is undoubtedly being over-stressed. We can replace it with a vacuum contactor that can be used in the same mounting structure. This will significantly extend the life of your existing motor control center.

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