Repair - Remanufacturing - Life Extension Services

CBS Nuclear has the experienced engineers, skilled technicians, shop equipment, instrumentation and test equipment to professionally repair, recondition, remanufacture, and extend the life of your:

  • Low-voltage power circuit breaker
  • Medium-voltage circuit breaker
  • Switchgear
  • And other LV and MV electrical equipment

Our new 10,000 sq-ft breaker shop was designed with a circuit breaker hospital concept in mind. The entire shop is climate controlled with ample lighting, each breaker is assigned its own “bed” (table) and anytime parts are removed for cleaning or refurbishment they are kept in bins with a “patient ID tag” at all times.

Our repair, reconditioning, and remanufacturing shop services typically include disassembly, visual and mechanical evaluation, and standard maintenance as recommended by the original manufacturer; component replacement or reconditioning; and comprehensive testing both before and after our services.

Our life extension services will extend the useful life of your obsolete or underrated circuit breakers. We can also match your existing switchgear lineup.

All repair and life extension projects are tested to original manufacturer’s specifications using certified, calibrated instruments and test equipment.

Of special note: We are capable of predicting the remaining life of your vacuum interrupters and vacuum contactors using the revolutionary Magnetron Atmospheric Condition (MAC) test equipment.

Full documentation of test results and equipment performance after our servicing is provided.