Retrofit Solid-State Trip Devices

Solid-State Trip Unit RetrofitsSolid-State Trip Unit Retrofits For Low Voltage Circuit Breakers

CBS Nuclear Services can upgrade your low-voltage power circuit breakers and insulated case circuit breakers with the latest solid-state trip technology based on your specific needs. Examples of our available solid-state upgrades to power circuit breakers include:

  • Used breaker upgraded with solid-state trip unit
  • New breaker upgraded with solid-state trip device
  • GE Power Break with RMS9 solid-state trip unit
  • Insulated case breaker retrofitted with solid-state trip device

Upgrading to these modern solid-state trip devices or replacing older style electronic trip units with them will reduce maintenance, increase reliability, reduce nuisance trips, and extend the functionality of older circuit breakers. Advanced power management features are also available.

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